Success in creating shareholder wealth hinges on effective intent – the translation of strategic insights into actionable management agendas.


The Lion Capital philosophy – borne of experience – is that good corporate advice, and good client outcomes, flow logically from effective business strategies. In this view, the strategic context should always guide decisions about the business portfolio and capital management.

Strategy is the art of imposing intelligent constraints on the organisation so that it can make wise choices about how to allocate scarce capital and human resources. In some cases, our clients have a clear and sound view on strategic resource allocation and the Lion Capital task is not to ‘second guess’ the strategic agenda, but to be clear about how it will translate into outstanding shareholder outcomes, and to assist with the business growth agenda.

In other cases, strategy is less well defined. Here, the deep experience of Lion Capital’s strategic advisers can be deployed to refine, or create, the necessary strategic context. Below we outline two different levels of strategic engagement. In both cases, the Lion Capital approach is to work closely with the client board & management team, not only in the initial ‘forensic’ stage, but in subsequent planning stages.

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